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Lahaul and Spiti is the largest district in Himachal Pradesh with high mountains and narrow valleys bordered by Ladakh to the north, Tibet to the east, Kinnaur to the southeast and Kullu valley to the south. This pioneering tour takes you through the most beautiful places of northern India - the former Kingdom of Spiti. Most people in Spiti are Buddhists. Colorful gompas dominate the villages and village life.

Its Guru Padmasambhava who arrived here in the beginning of 8th century and introduced and established Mahayana Tantric Buddhism at Gungri monastery by suppressing the evil forces that opposed Buddhism by his Tantric prowess and gained a position even higher than Buddha in Lamaism. Every village has its own monastery and lamas dominate the social and cultural life of the community. Our tour combines with visits to some of these monasteries along the route.