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Responsible Tourism


What responsible travel means to Great Himalayan Journeys.

We've been traveling responsibly for an awful long time, and we've summarized our thoughts on the subject here:

Small Groups - Small groups lessen the environmental and cultural impact that travelers have on places and the people that live in them. When huge tour busses disgorge dozens of tourists in a remote village in India or anywhere else, it has a shocking, negative effect on the people that live there.

Local sourcing - Guess where your money goes when you stay at an international hotel in India .There is some trickle-down to the local economy, but most of it goes overseas. The economic, environmental and cultural effects of a trip are key considerations in responsible adventure travel companies' itinerary design process. Where possible, we source locally in order to distribute the economic benefits throughout the places we travel.

Putting our hearts into it - When everyone involved with the organization of a trip promotes and adheres to sustainable travel principles, travelers cannot help but embrace them. Tour companies have an obligation to, not only create responsible tours, but also to pass on these values. We hope that you will put them into practice on future trips and pass them on to fellow travelers. Over the years, our trip operators have become increasingly pro-active about ensuring that trips foster positive relations with locals by maximizing the economic benefits for people and minimizing the environmental impact. Great Himalayan Journeys partner companies all put responsible travel values into practice. When you book a trip with us, you can be assured that you'll be traveling responsibly.

To find out more about how you can have a positive affect on the communities we visit, read the Responsible Travel section in our Information Centre.