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Trekking in Ladakh/Zanskar


Ladakh is situated above the Indus River at 12,000ft and isolated deep within the Karakoram and Zangskar mountain ranges. It provides spectacular and varied mountain scenery which is a rare experience for many. The upper Indus valley is a dry windswept moonscape.

Ladakh, known as "Little Tibet," has a rich culture, which still supports numerous active monasteries perched on high cliffs and hilltops. These monasteries appear as guardians over the simply beautiful landscape.

Summer temperatures rarely exceed about 27 degree celcius in the shade, while in winter they may drop to minus 20 degree celcius.




The most elevated part of the Ladakh region Zanskar provides interesting and challenging treks and safaris to the trekkers and seekers both. Zanskar situated at an altitude of 3600m. Spread over an estimated 7000sq km of mountainous territory gorges and dramatic glaciers. Zanskar is a tri-armed valley system situated between the Great Himalayan Range and the Zanskar mountains, the three arms radiating star-like towards the west, north and south from a wide central expanse. Here the Zanskar River comes into being by the convergence of its two Himalayan tributaries, the Stod/Doda and the Lingti-Tsarap Rivers. Heavy snows close in the region for almost seven months of the year and this isolation has helped preserving culture of Ladakh. There are numerous magnificent & Famous Monasteries like Lingshet, Stongde, Karsha, Sani, Dzongkhul, Rangdum, Bardan, Phugtal.The valley is best approachable by jeep from Kargil (which is second largest town in Ladakh region) and the road runsthrough the Suru Valley, across the Pensi La to Padum. A visit to the King of Zangla will heighten your visit to the valley.

The average height of the Zanskar Range is 6000 m.

The height of the Nun peak is 7135 m.

The height of the Kun peak is 7077 m.


Festivals of Ladakh

Name of Festivals 2012 2013 2014
Spituk Gustor Jan. 21-22 Jan. 09-10 Jan. 28-29
Leh and Liker Dosmochey Feb. 19-20 Feb. 08-09 Feb. 27-28
Yargon Tungshak Feb. 24-25 Feb. 13-14 March 04-05
Stok Guru Tsechu March 02-03 Feb. 19-20 March 10-11
Matho Nagrang March 07-08 Feb 24-25 March 15-16
Saka Dawa May 04 May 25 June 13
Lamayuru Kabgyat June 16-17 June 05-06 June 24-25
Hemis Tseschu June 29-30 June 18-19 July 07-08
Shachukul Gustor July 05-06 June 25-26 June 14-15
H H Dalai Lama Birthday July 06 July 06 July 06
Stonday Gustor Zanskar July 06-07 June 26-27 July 15-16
Karsha Gustor Zanskar July 16-17 July 06-07 July 23-24
Phyang Festival July 16-17 July 06-07 July 24-25
Korzok Gustor July 22-23 July 11-12 July 30-31
Takthok Festival July 28-29 July 18-19 Aug. 06-07
Sani Naro-Nasjal Zanskar Aug. 01-02 July 21-22 Aug. 09-10
Ladakh Festival Sept. 01-15 Sept. 01-15 Sept. 01-15
Deskit Gustor Nubra Oct 13-14 Nov. 01-02 Oct. 21-22
Thiksay Gustor Nov. 01-02 Nov. 20-21 Nov. 09-10
Chemday Wangchok/ Padum Gustor Nov. 11-12 Nov. 30- Dec.1 Nov. 20-21
Galdan Namchot Dec. 08 Dec. 27 Dec. 16
Ladakhi Losar Dec. 14 Jan. 02 Dec. 22